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Qi-Gong (chi-kung) translates from the Chinese as roughly meaning “qi-work”. Qi (chi) in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the "life force". All living things have qi. Acupuncturists, when they use needles, are attempting to increase the flow of qi through the meridians or channels of the body. It is believed in Chinese medicine that a person gets sick because blockages exist in the meridians of the body which obstruct the flow of qi. Qi gong, then, is the systematic study and experience of qi movement. Practitioners use that body of knowledge to increase the flow of qi by removing blockages in the meridians, and to build the strength of qi within the body, and to better understand the body. Learning and practicing will enhance one’s awareness of the sixth sense and will lead to a better understanding of the body and of life all around.

The purpose of practicing qi gong is to improve the health of the mind, body, and soul. There are many schools of qi gong. Some come from Shaolin, and others are Daoist. And others derive from other schools. Wei Tuo is one of the 12 forms from Southern Shaolin. Southern Shaolin is not exclusive to Wei Tuo Qi Gong. I would like to ease some fears about the religious aspect. Shaolin is Buddhist. There is no doubt a spiritual aspect to qi gong. However, qi gong is not based on religion. Many practitioners are Christians, Jews, Muslims and of other faiths. For some, it actually gives them to a new understanding and brings them closer to their own beliefs. The goal of practicing qi gong is, as mentioned above, to improve one’s physical and mental health.

Everyone’s body is different, and so everyone will experience the qi differently. Therefore everyone needs to find one form that is fitting for his or her own life. If it feels that something is missing, find another Master. Remember, a good Master will always be virtuous, and will love everyone, and everything. Each Master has something to contribute to your health. So even if you find another Master, don’t forget what was taught.

Master Si Tu once explained that learning qi gong is like hiking up a mountain. To reach the top, follow one path. However, that one path is not the only path up the mountain, only the one that you yourself are on. There are may be innumerable paths. One can look and observe other paths, one can see what others are doing. However, to achieve the goal of reaching the top, one must follow one path. Learn it, study it, and practice it. If you try to learn all of the different paths, you’ll never reach the top.

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