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Master Si Tu, Jie

Master Si Tu Jie is the tenth heir to the Wei Tuo Qi Gong lineage. Master Si Tu Jie has studied qi gong for over fifty years. He was born in 1944 in the Chinese city of Gui Lin. When he was six years old, he started his training of qi gong under Grandmaster Ji Kwei. They went all over China. Master Si Tu learned qi gong, martial arts, the healing arts, meditation, and philosophy. He learned how to remove a person’s cataract. He was able to see the correct acupoints in the eye, and put a very, very thin needle in the eye, and roll the cataract on to the needle. A training exercise he went through was jumping out of a hole his own height. He would use the qi to lift himself out of the hole. Then to make things more difficult, Grandmaster Ji Kwei put weights on his legs. Then Master Si Tu had to jump out of the hole again. He slept not on a bed, but on a two finger width branch lodged between two walls, then after a while, he had to sleep on it using just one wall for support. This is only a taste of his training under Grandmaster Ji Kwei.

In 1984, he started to teach qi gong publicly. It became very popular. Master Si Tu went on the Chinese sports channel to teach millions more. He later went to live in Japan teaching qi gong for two years. He also taught in Australia. In 1988, he came to Los Angeles to continue his teachings. From 1991 to 2000, he taught at Pitzer College as a Visiting Professor. He gave classes on qi gong, Traditional Chinese Medicine and philosophy. He was also instrumental in establishing Pitzer’s semester abroad program in Shanghai in 1995. In 2001, the program moved to Beijing Medical University. The curriculum includes classes on Qi Gong forms, Chinese culture, and an introductory class on Traditional Chinese Medicine. (For more information about the program go to international programs at www.pitzer.edu)

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