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Wei Tuo (way too) is one of the eight deities that protect the principles of Buddhism. He is referred to as the Bodhisattva Skanda. He is the one who protects the Book of Wisdom and laws. It is traditionally said, when the Buddha died, demons stole the Book of Wisdom. Wei Tuo fought the demons and got the relics back. Therefore, Wei Tuo became who he is now, a deity in armor to protect Buddhism’s way of being. In Buddhist temples you can find the statue of Wei Tuo behind the first Buddha statue, facing the main Temple.


Wei Tuo Qi Gong originated at the Shaolin Temple on Jiu Lian Mountain in the southern province of Fu Jian during the 17th Century. The full name is “Chinese Shaolin Diamond Chan Wei Tuo Hu Fa Men”. Master Tong Jui is said to have started Wei Tuo Qi Gong in the later part of the Ming Dynasty.

When the Qing Dynasty began in the late 17th Century, many Han Chinese were rebellious. The Han Chinese wanted to be ruled by Han Chinese, not by foreigners. The Qing were Manchurians.

Master Tong Jui was a leader of a small rebel force in southern China. Because the monks of the Shaolin temple were hiding rebels and were rebels themselves, the Qing ordered the burning of the Southern Shaolin Temple in Fu Jian Province. Therefore, the second heir of Wei Tuo Qi Gong, Master, Feng Si Yu and his students moved to Lu Fu Mountain in the northern part of Guandong Province. From then the tradition was past down from master to master in secrecy. Wei Tuo Qi Gong was a secret form until Master Si Tu taught it publicly.

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