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Jonathan Snowiss: Designated Heir to Wei-Tuo Qi Gong

Class Schedule: Contact Jonathan at 909.447.5654 or
Visit the Wei Tuo Academy website at www.weituoacademy.com.

eM: weituofoundation@yahoo.com.

New Eight Minute Drill Classes beginning the first Monday of each month. Classes last for 4 weeks.

Advanced Meditation Classes: Every Thursday night 7:30 PM to 9:00 PM. in Claremont, CA.

I began to study Qi Gong simply because it looked interesting. At first it was only a hobby. After several years, I came to realize the extraordinary effects of Qi Gong and became a serious student. As a student at Pitzer College, I furthered my studies in Qi Gong by creating my own major in “Mind/Body Healing: Qi Gong”. I graduated from Pitzer College in 2001. However, that was not enough, later that year I went to China to continue studying Qi Gong and lived there for more than a year and a half. In China, I studied the language, which is necessary to better understand the source and meaning of Qi Gong. The language reflects Chinese culture, and Qi Gong is an ancient part of the culture. Not only do I continue to study with Master Si Tu, but also with Master Wang Sen Lin who was introduced to me by Master Si Tu. Master Wang is a Master of Xing Yi Quan (a form of Chinese martial arts), and Tai Ji Quan. By learning Chinese and living there, I have learned a new way of thinking about Qi Gong from understanding what my Masters say directly to me, without distortions of translation. Practicing Qi Gong gives me a peace of mind that nothing else can give me. With the knowledge that I have been given, I would like to teach Wei Tuo Qi Gong. I intend to do my part.

In my studies of Qi Gong, I have learned the philosophy and the movements. The two go hand in hand. The sets I know in Qi Gong are the Wei Tuo Fundamental 8 Minute Drill, the Advanced Drills: Eagle, Dragon, Crane, and Tiger, and the Shaolin Tu Na. I have also learned the Yang Style Tai Ji Quan 24 Step, and the Competition 42 Set. In the Martial Arts, I have studied Shaolin Wei Tuo Quan and Xing Yi Quan. I am also learning meditation, the highest level of Martial Arts and Qi Gong. I currently live in Claremont, Ca. and teaching classes in the area.

Inspirations in my life - Poetry. You are invited to experience some - http://viewsofatree.blogspot.com/

News - Newly released book by Master Jonathan Snowiss
Wei Tuo Qi Gong Climbing the Mountain

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