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Wei Tuo Qi Gong Drills

Wei Tuo Qi Gong has many movement sets, commonly called drills. The drills that are openly taught to the public are: The Fundamental Eight Minute Drill and the Advanced Drills: the Eagle, the Dragon, the Crane, and the Tiger. These drills are in accordance with the Five Elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal). Master Si Tu Jie created these drills for public teaching. These are simple movements to keep the body and mind in good health and harmony.

Each of the publicly taught drills is associated with an element, practiced in sequence. The Eight Minute Drill is first and focuses on the Earth element. The next drill is the Eagle Drill focusing on the Metal element. The Dragon Drill comes next focusing on the Water element. The Crane Drill is next focusing on the Wood element. The Tiger Drill is next focusing on the Fire element. Students of Master Si Tu Jie simply refer to the Advanced Drills as “The Five”. We refer to it as “The Five” because before the Advanced Drills can be practiced, one must first practice the 8 Minute Drill.


The Eight Minute Drill is the introductory set of postures, movements and breathing in Wei-Tuo Qi-Gong. Practicing the Eight Minute Drill will enable you to gather Qi from the world around and thus allow you to restore the balance of yin and yang in your body. The gates of the meridians or channels of the body are alternately opened and closed as Qi flows from the Universe through your body. Over time, daily practice of the drill will remove blockages from the meridians similar to acupuncture. As these blockages disappear, the entire body (i.e. the mind/body) will become healthier. Daily practice of the Eight Minute Drill will bring renewed vitality, energy and balance into your life. You will experience a stronger connection between yourself, nature and other people.

Although the Eight Minute Drill is not a rigorous exercise, it does require daily commitment to receive full health benefits. Because of its ease of movement, it is very appropriate for all ages.

Master Si Tu describes the Eight Minute Drill as like starting a car. By that he means it is the beginning of your drive to a healthier body. The other drills work specifically on different internal organs.

The Eight Minute Drill is a prerequisite for further study of Wei-Tuo Qi-Gong.

The Wei Tuo Qi Gong Advanced Drills

The advanced drills combine the three elements of Mind, Body and Breath to make a harmonious, organic entity.

The drills are divided to work with the ten main internal organs: The Fundamental Drill works with the stomach and spleen (Earth). The Eagle Drill works with the lungs and large intestine (Metal). The Dragon Drill works with the kidneys and bladder (Water). The Crane Drill works with the liver and gall bladder (Wood). The Tiger Drill works with the heart and small intestine (Fire). Practiced together these drills will deepen the effectiveness of the Wei-Tuo Qi-Gong. Classes will include the theoretical and philosophic principles underlying these drills.

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